Last Updated on 2020-12-30

KB00004: Wrong items deployed on a secondary UC or LM PLC node

EVA ICS versions: 3.0.0 and above


Wrong items were accidentally deployed on the secondary node.


The best solution is to undeploy all the items with the same configuration they were deployed:

eva sfa cloud undeploy -y deploy.yml

however sometimes the deployment file may be unavailable or the undeployment process could take a long time.

The solution is to manually delete items from controllers.

Items can be filtered by group

On the secondary controllers, execute:

eva uc destroy -g GROUP # delete BOTH units and sensors
eva lm destroy -g GROUP # delete lvars only

Item can not be filtered by group

If items can not be filtered by group or there are special items, like LM PLC macros, cycles etc., stop the controller and use the system shell to manually delete item configuration files using a preferred way.

On the secondary controllers, execute:

eva uc server stop
cd /opt/eva/runtime

# uc_unit.d - the directory with unit configuration files
# uc_sensor.d - sensors

eva uc server start
eva lm server stop
cd /opt/eva/runtime

# lm_lvar.d - lvars
# lm_dmatrix_rule.d - decision rules
# lm_job.d - scheduled jobs
# lm_lcycle.d - cycles
# lm_lmacro.d - macros

eva lm server start
tags: cloud, deploy, lm_, uc_, undeploy

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