Last Updated on 2021-06-25

KB00003: OWFS feature setup fails on RedHat Enterprise Linux 8/Centos 8

EVA ICS versions: 3.3.2


The 1-Wire feature setup eva feature setup owfs fails with the error:


Unsupported OS or distribution Error: Operation failed


Unfortunately, neither RHEL/CentOS 8 nor EPEL provide the required libow-devel package. The package from Fedora also can not be installed with rpm.

The solution is to install libow from source:

yum install -y libtool make
curl -sL |tar xzf -
cd owfs-3.2p4
./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-owtcl --disable-owphp \
  --disable-owpython --disable-zero --disable-owshell --disable-owhttpd \
  --disable-owftpd --disable-owserver --disable-owperl --disable-owtcl \
  --disable-owtap --disable-owmon --disable-owexternal --disable-dependency-tracking
make install

After, install EVA ICS feature again with python_lib_only=1 option:

eva feature setup owfs python_lib_only=1
tags: 1_wire, feature, owfs, redhat, rhel, rhel8, setup

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